Apr 10, 2012

Behind the Song

The Lyricist

Definition of a lyricist: a wordsmith, songwriter who specializes in lyrics. They have a way with words. Some composers and lyricists work together on a song. Quite often, the lyricist fills the words to a tune already written. However, there are times when the lyricist creates the lyrics and then hands them over to the singer who creates the music. No matter how it happens, the lyricist must take words and arrange them in such a way that they will draw the world into a song. Not an easy task. 

Not unlike an author, a lyricist must captivate the audience in the first few words. In order to be effective, they must use a catchy title, convey a message very effectively, and have some resolution at the end. Their lyrics must suit the music as an author's words must fit the genre, resulting in an exact order of words that sing. Like a good book, a song has the power to stop someone in their tracks and put their life on hold until the last word is shared or last note played. The simple, yet very deliberate arrangement of words can be powerful enough to change a life. 

My teenage daughter drew this picture last year. She named it, "The Lyricist." Isn't it fantastic? She has a creative knack, as do all my children, for seeing things that other people might not take time to see. There are no sounds or words, yet with precision, she captured the deep contemplation of the lyricist. The master behind the words in a song. With bold brush strokes and color, she brings to life his persistence and patience. 

One who may work long and hard hours, or at times, get inspired by something and the writing begins. A creator of feelings and emotion contained within a few moments of time within a song. One who bares their soul for the chance at sharing a vision with the world. A wordsmith, holding the music and magic of words. 

The Lyricist.

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