Apr 17, 2012


I've never wanted to be defined by having perfect organization and order in the house. You won't find me jumping at the chance to wash dishes right after dinner. My world won't end if you open my refrigerator and find a rotten tomato. I will put off dealing with a pile of dirty clothes if sunshine and fresh air calls me out to my flower garden. Chores don't necessairly get done daily, and I almost guarantee that my "To Do" lists have never been completely checked off.

By deciding to commit myself to blogging and writing a novel, I have further tipped the struggle for balance in my life. Days go by, and I don't even think about going to the grocery store until the cat's food looks better than what we have in the refrigerator. (I may actually consider eating that rotten tomato, after slicing off the black mold of course). Instead of a ferocious two-hour workout in the gym, my exercise routine now consists of a twenty minute walk with Steve a few days per week (this part needs to change!!). Scheduled appointments and volunteer hours are now "side notes" instead of anticipated main events.

Although I haven't yet struck the balance that feels right to us, I celebrate that we don't live in squalor and the commitment to writing remains strong. I love my writing time. We've found that we can get the house looking pretty amazing in less than an hour. My large flower garden will still bloom, even with less of me. I may have cancelled my scheduled dental cleaning, but as long as I brush and floss - not a problem! Balance and organization will come, and when it does, it will be a side note. In the meantime, I'll be writing.


  1. Oh boy, o boy did you hit the nail on the head! I warned you! First off, I LOVE how you wrote this post and I find myself more each post getting more excited about the day when we can ALL read your novel. I need more hours in my day, so I find them in the wee hours of the morning, sometimes pulling myself out of bed in the later wee hours walking stiff and sore from being on the ground with my camera, or hunched over my computer editing. Dang it ... where's the balance there?! I guess we just picked unbalanced hobbies! You go girl! I am seriously considering the grocery store today as it's been at least 10 days since I had milk and OJ. I really want milk and OJ, but I really want to get the Leadership Board pics edited too -- and over to see my latest Easter grandbaby, before the next grandbaby comes. It's always something! I Love your work!

    1. You WERE right, Mary! Well, I think we can sum this all up as us "having great passion that overrides the need to do anything else." :D Something that does surprise me: blogging requires skills that novel writing doesn't. What a challenge! I don't have to share my novel until I get the first draft complete, and then several rounds of editing, etc. Blogging, however, should be called "writing on demand." In order for blogging to be my pre-writing routine, as I set it up to be, I don't want to spend hours thinking of what to say for the day. But, some days the words just don't come out! So, what you see here really IS challenging for me! Did your grand baby come on Easter??? YEAH!

    2. Oh, and about the grocery shopping. I have a solution. We could tag team!!! :D