Mar 27, 2012


Fred, our sponsored child from Africa (African New Life Ministries), wearing a ScribbleDrips shirt.

Where is ScribbleDrips now?

Many of you know that in 2007 we opened ScribbleDrips, a small t-shirt and hat business. My daughter drew all the ScribbleDrips designs, and we sold them throughout the United States. Unfortunately, our doors closed some time later with the difficult economic struggles. ScribbleDrips however, is still very much alive today, dancing on t-shirts around the globe.

My recent desire to find more meaning in life brought me to a local homeless shelter. I volunteer weekly, playing with the children while their mothers get some much needed personal time. It's hard enough being married with children, or single with children. But homeless with little ones? Wow.

I treasure the time with these children and getting to know their mothers. I also decided that ScribbleDrips t-shirts would be a welcoming treat for many of these little ones. In the weeks and months to come, I hope to be giving away many more of our unsold ScribbleDrips t-shirts to the homeless children. A small way to brighten a day. We can always chose to give even when the stock market doesn't.

Until tomorrow and back to scribbling out my story...

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  1. What an awesome way to share your passions & your family with the world!